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The second standalone book in The Raindrop Institute series, Bring the Rain, a Novel, is a story of hope, grit, and if there is time, a last bittersweet chance to savor love.  You can find the novel online, in bookstores, or wherever novels that intrigue readers are sold.



"Bring the Rain approaches an unsettling subject from a forthright perspective, but with a sense of more humanistic hope than inevitable tragedy."
―Kirkus Reviews


"Bring the Rain is a thought-provoking, deeply moving story about what happens to someone who is faced with the deterioration of their greatest asset." --Foreword Reviews


"I thought the love story was sweet, but what I will walk away remembering is Dart's determination. I applaud anyone that seeks out their passion and admire their dedication to see it through.  She embodies what it means to not give up, not matter what." --Reading Between the Pages


"Dart's story is beautiful, tragic, and yet optimistic." -- Books, Advice, and Everything Nice


"Bring the Rain stirred emotions in me, and really made me consider facts I had never thought of before. I was inspired by Dart's strength and her insistence that she remain in control as long as possible. I greatly admired her independence and her drive. I was then humbled by her acceptance and her allowing of love in to her life, no matter the strings she may perceive to be attached. It is the most difficult thing, to give ourselves to someone else and put our hearts in their safekeeping … we can never be sure that things will work out. But I guess that's where faith and hope come in, and that's where we shine the most … when we take chances." -- A Belle in a Bookshop


"Franklin gently weaves psychosocial, emotional, and neurological threads into a work of beauty, giving us a touching exploration of love. . . . A beautiful, touching novel. "
―Barbara Sapienza, author of Anchor Out