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JoAnn Franklin was born in southern Illinois on a century-old family farm. She has worked as a journalist, educator, and high school principal. She acquired her Ph.D. in educational leadership and taught graduate students who wanted to become principals and superintendents. 


She is currently writing a women's fiction series. The Raindrop Institute books follow the thought filled adventures of Dart Sommers, Ph.D., a full professor, as she works to prevent civilization collapse, to eradicate poverty, and to reverse environmental change. The problem--no one is paying attention to her research. The solution, The Raindrop Institute, a think tank, she's built to solve complex messy problems through insight. Her "aha" moment?  She and the Raindrops, the four older women she trains to think differently, must bring the rain to untangle complexity.


"The mind is a powerful, controlling force in our lives, and The Raindrop Institute books explore how our thoughts shape reality, and how we can nudge our brains into insight to find solutions to impossibilities."   


JoAnn lives in North Carolina with her husband, Richard, a stonecast statue of a yellow Labrador puppy, and fond memories of a black cat named Baxter.